The cooperation and commitment of area businesses and residents resolved to separate and form an autonomous self-regulating neighborhood to better meet the needs of it’s citizens and to further economic development, which prior to this action had grown stagnant due to neglect by the Neighboorhood Associations controlling the area.

This neighborhood extends from 31st to Linwood and from Troost to Tracy.

The neighborhood abuts the Osage Nation Historical Pergola Park and the KCATA Osage Trail Station stop.

Several economic development projects are planned for the new neighborhood.

girls muralB

As its own entity, the OTS Neighborhood has restructured and reorganized to meet its community’s needs.  Several organizations have made this neighborhood its headquarters including the American Indian Chamber of Commerce, the Native American Veterans Association and TYCOR Indigenous Community Enterprises, LLC.

Beautification projects including the Osage Pergola Park project are currently underway.  Several community events are planned for the area including the annual Harvest Moon American Indian Festival

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